More than 8 years ago I joined a leadership development group, now called Townsend Leadership Program. Not only did I learn practical business and leadership skills, but I experienced deep healing and development of character that I didn't even know I needed. 

With the support of the group and my highly skilled director, areas where I'd been stuck were exposed and healed, ultimately launching me toward success I didn't even know I was capable of. It is vulnerable. It is hard. And it is the most life enhancing process I'm aware of. So I continue to invest in myself in this way each year, undaunted in my love and leadership to others.

Engaging in my own growth work as a leader 8+ years ago through the programs I now offer totally transformed my life through the ways I love and lead.

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favorite things

I have 4 awesome kids & am married to my favorite guy - they're the best to travel, learn, explore and play with.

I'm an enneagram 7, which translates into my love for variety and adventure.

As a prof at Townsend Institute for Leadership & Counseling I join rockstars in our field to help Masters students grow in character & competency.

I am obsessed with water and come alive anytime I can be on it. Historically a skiier, I've now found myself as equally obsessed with surfing.

As a growth & relationship junkie, my favorite conversations include vulnerability and critical thought, enjoyed best over wine & cheese.

Jenny is dedicated to helping individuals and families navigate life's challenges with compassion and resilience. She believes in empowering clients to cultivate self-awareness and foster meaningful connections. She has over a decade of experience working with teens and families as well as experience with couples and clients of all ages. Her approach integrates psychodynamic techniques with a warm, empathetic presence to support healing and growth. Outside of her practice, she enjoys sports and spending time with her pup, Wrigley.

Jenny holds a bachelor’s in Criminal Justice from Grace College and a master’s in mental health counseling from Huntington University.

Jenny Pease, MA, LMHCA

Ben loves seeing people grow and change; in fact, he's obsessed with it. For the last decade, he has been helping people unlock their potential through practical, relational neuro-change skills that hit the deepest level of our brains. He loves to bring his warmth, humor, and directness to the coaching relationship. 

Ben has trained under leadership gurus nationwide and through groups like the Townsend Leadership Program and a Neuro-Change leadership group focused on cutting-edge research and development of how the brain forms new pathways and facilitates uncovering our leadership potential in any arena. He has experience training NFL Chaplains, working with high-end leaders, engaging college athletes and emerging adults, and working in the trenches with parents and their children. 

He obtained his Master's in Counseling from Huntington University with a certificate from the Townsend Institute of Leadership and Counseling. Ben has received specialized training in marriage and parenting coaching, pornography addiction, and group processes. He has taught adjunctly in the counseling and Leadership programs at the Townsend Institute at Concordia University. 

Ben is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife and two kids. 

Ben Makin, MA, LPC

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During my year long commitment to TLP I was able to go deep. Shedding light into the darkest pieces of my life. Those dark places no longer feel shameful, but light and part of my story. I will forever be changed by the work I put into myself and I will continue to do work for the rest of my life. Because I'm worth it.

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"I will forever be be changed by the work I put into myself..."


The group challenges and situational exercises are pressing me to a whole new level in my career and personal life. Madeline is an empathetic and dynamic leader, for whom I am deeply grateful.

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"Madeline is an empathetic and dynamic leader, for whom I am deeply grateful."

Christine, business owner


LDP gave me the space and safety to discover more of myself. I was able, with the help of my group and Madeline as the leader, to rediscover my strength. I gained the power to make my life what I wanted it to be.

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"I gained the power to make my life what I wanted it to be."


Madeline has been an amazing coach and very exciting to work with. She is extremely empathetic and attuned to our conversations. She is intuitive about things I don’t see for myself to grow and continue my leadership development. She has helped me to forgive, love and accept myself for who I am and who I am becoming. I always leave her coaching sessions listened to, challenged and encouraged.

Tom, executive director

"I have enjoyed and benefited greatly from Madeline’s coaching."

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